Apple, How Much Does a Single iPhone 12 Pro Cost?


How much does the iPhone 12 Pro, which Apple has offered for sale in our country with a starting price of 14,999 TL, cost the company? Today, we will look at how much TL this phone, which is offered for sale at a very high price in our country, is produced on the Apple front.

Apple’s new smartphone series released this year iPhone 12It was talked about a lot, especially with its high price in our country. It started to come to mind how much Apple’s iPhone 12 series cost. Request Fomalhaut Techno Solutions experts made a dismantling to satisfy our curiosity. Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Revealing how much it cost by disassembling the device, the team also solved many questions in mind.

According to the report published by Formalhaut Techno Solutions, the components of the iPhone 12 Pro are cost 27 percent is happening. This is a 9.1 percent increase over last year’s iPhones. We can say that the biggest reason for this sharp increase in the price of parts is the 5G chip. Components of a single iPhone 12 Pro, according to the report $ 406 (TL 3200) costs. In addition, the iPhone 12 Pro has more components from South Korea rather than the US. The biggest reason for this is the screens used in Apple’s iPhone 12 series by South Korean companies. Samsung and sourcing from LG.

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How much are iPhone components worth?

According to the report, on iPhone 12 Proi most expensive component Qualcomm x55 5G modem. Per phone $ 90 Buy this modem from Samsung or LG OLED screen is following. The cost of these screens to Apple is $ 70 per iPhone. Apart from these two products, the most expensive part is Apple’s own chipset. A14 Bionic is happening. The cost of A14 Bionic is $ 40, while the cost of RAM is $ 12.80 per unit. Sony’s camera sensor is relatively cheap at $ 7.4 and $ 7.9. The cost of the phone for storage space adds $ 19.20 per unit to iPhones.

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Of course, considering that Apple has placed large orders for iPhones, we can say that this cost is slightly lower. Of course, these prices may include additional costs such as advertising, packaging, and transportation. Still Apple’s iPhoneWe can say that he made an extremely good profit from.

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