Apple Makes Date for WWDC 2020


Apple announced that the World Developers Conference (WWDC) will be held in the virtual environment this year due to the ongoing epidemic, and now has made the date for the event. According to the statement, the event will start on June 22.

Bringing together thousands of developers from all over the world every year World Developers Conference (WWDC), Due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, it will be held in a different format this year. In this context, Apple announced last month that the event will be held online in its 31st year and now shared some details about the event and gave a date.

According to the statement made Monday 22 June WWDC 2020, which will start on the day, will be one of the biggest in its history despite the ongoing epidemic. As you know, those who want to attend previous WWDC conferences had to pay a fee of $ 1,600. At this point, the biggest difference that separates the activity from the previous ones is completely free To be; so the event will appeal to a wider audience.

How many participants will be in WWDC 2020?

WWDC 2020

Saying that they will bring the whole developer community with a brand new experience Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, AppleIn more than 155 countries and regions of WWDC 2020 Over 23 million he says he will bring together a global developer community of registered developers.

As for the student developers Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President, Software Development, Apple, he said they are an integral part of the Apple developer community. At this point Federighi, even though the event will be held in the virtual environment this year, the software developers who continue their education will have the opportunity to show their coding skills by creating their own Swift playgrounds. Swift Student Challenge announced that it would be a part of the event.

Swift Student Challenge registration begins:

Swift Student Challange

An application that helps learning the Swift programming language Swift PlaygroundsAvailable on iPad and Mac. Registration of the program, which students from all over the world can attend, will open today at 21.59. To May 17 if they apply for the registration process that will continue until here to be made from the link.


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Apple; for developers to access details about the event, such as opening speeches, platforms, sessions, and laboratory programs. Apple Developer applications also suggests. All of this information is also On the Apple Developer site Let's also state that it will be presented.

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