Apple Might Be Testing iPhone SE 3 in India


We’ve talked about Apple’s new patents, the 2022 event, and the rumors of the new iPhone SE and iPads. Now, according to a rumor, Apple is testing the new iPhone SE 3 and iPad in India.

In the past weeks, we talked about Apple’s emerging patents. Based on these patents, by deducing the new products that Apple can offer to users this year, of the new iPhone SE 3 and new iPads We suggested that he would come. You can access our content here.

In fact, not only us, but many technology gourmets have been saying that the iPhone SE 3 will come for a long time. A brand new claim has been made on the subject. Let’s take a look at the truth of the matter, what the claim was.

Rumor has it Apple is testing iPhone SE 3 and new iPads in India

iphone se 3

The products that will be introduced at Apple’s 2022 Apple event, which we expect to take place next spring, iPhone SE 3 and after the rumor of new iPads, another new rumor came. According to this rumor, Apple is testing these new products in India, one of the heartland of technology.


The Introducing Date of iPhone SE 3, Which Will Be Apple’s Cheapest Phone Model, Leaked

iPhone SE’nin The price of Apple, which sends all 3 different models to India, is 23,000 riyals (about $307) was determined as. In the iPad version of the same rumor, the price tag 500 to 700 dollars has been suggested to vary.

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