Apple: Motherboard of the iPhone 8 works in the new iPhone SE

At first glance, the new iPhone SE looks like an iPhone 8 – Apple has reused the design of its smartphone from 2017. However, the similarities are not only limited to the appearance, but also to numerous components, such as a chinese youtuber has found out (English subtitles available).

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In the video, the iPhone SE 2020 is taken apart, whereby similarities to the interior of the iPhone 8 are already noticeable. The mainboard looks identical, as does the battery and the general layout of the components.

A quick test shows that the iPhone SE display can be used on the iPhone 8 without any problems – it is very likely that it is the same model. It becomes even more interesting when the mainboard of the iPhone 8, which is over two and a half years old, is installed in the new iPhone SE.

Old motherboard fits in new iPhone SE

The mainboard fits easily into the iPhone SE, but the battery of the new model can then no longer be used. Although it has the same dimensions as that of the iPhone 8, the mainboard of the iPhone SE uses a different connector. Accordingly, the Youtuber has to take the old battery for the test.

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Then the iPhone SE boots immediately, most of the functions seem to be running – apparently Apple has not done much on the mainboard apart from the SoC. However, the video shows that the main camera is not working, including the flashlight function. The front camera, which seems to be identical to that of the iPhone 8, can be used without any problems.

The fact that many parts of the iPhone 8 and iPhone SE 2020 are interchangeable could explain the relatively low price of the new model. The new iPhone SE is available from 480 euros, which is a surprisingly low price for a new device with the performance of the iPhone 11 series.

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