Apple Pay: Still waiting for LBB and Volksbank with certain cards

Apple has been offering its contactless payment service Apple Pay since 2014 – also in Germany since the end of 2018. Since then, it has been possible to settle bills using an iPhone and Apple Watch using the NFC interface.

There are some banks in this country that are not even included – such as the Deutsche Bank subsidiary Postbank. It is unclear here whether anything is happening at all. It is almost even more annoying for customers if their bank actually offers Apple Pay, but not for all credit cards. You can then select the respective bank in Apple’s wallet app, but you receive an error message when you try to deposit the card. There are currently several examples of this in Germany, including the Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken, which are part of the BVR federal association, and the Landesbank Berlin (LBB).

At LBB there had only recently been a glimmer of hope. The company, which is best known nationwide for its popular Amazon credit card, began to support Google Pay for this card for the first time after redesigning its in-house app. At the same time, the terms and conditions were changed in such a way that the integration of Apple Pay also appeared at least theoretically possible.

As has now been found, however, Apple Pay support only applies to LBB cards that have no branding. These are much less popular than the Amazon Visa, which offers a lot of cashback on purchases. Across from stated the LBB that the card still not usable for Apple Pay is. The company made no statements at a later date.

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More from Mac & i

Customers of the Volks- and Raiffeisenbanken face a similar problem. The cooperative banks finally released Apple Pay last April after a very long wait. However, this only applies to private customers with Visa or Mastercard, as it quickly became clear. The reason was apparently not yet implemented changes at DZ BANK, which manages the business cards for the Volksbank and Raiffeisenbanken. There you are currently not able to offer credit card statements in the form of PDFs – they are still sent by post (albeit at no extra charge).

Whether and when business customers of the 850 BVR member houses can also use Apple Pay remains to be seen. In the spring it was said that DZ Bank wanted to “tackle” the issue after the private customer support was launched. So far, however, there has been no news, as confirmed by a bank advisor.


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