Apple Post a Job Posting for Malatya on LinkedIn

Apple recently posted a series of new job postings for its new store, which will open in Istanbul and become the largest Apple Store in the Middle East and Europe. Now, job postings for Malatya have been posted by the company on LinkedIn.

Technology giant Apple is one of the most striking and preferred brands in our country with its products and services as in the whole world. Despite this, only Apple with two storesis preparing to open a new Apple Store in Istanbul, as we have told you recently.

Europe’s and the Middle East’s largest Apple StoreWith the publication of job postings that are thought to be for this store, which will be the company, although there is no official date for the opening, everyone is counting down. While the postings shared for Istanbul and the new Apple Store have not yet fallen from the agenda, another noteworthy development was the company’s posting new postings on LinkedIn. This time job postings’Malatya‘has been shared for its location.

There’s also the possibility of a LinkedIn location error:

Apple iphone 12

Along with these advertisements, there are also positions opened for Istanbul among those posted by Apple on LinkedIn. All listings Via Apple’s LinkedIn account It was posted just a few hours ago and has a total of 24 postings.

While 13 of these advertisements were published for the Istanbul location, 11 postings have been published for the Malatya location.. First of all, it is possible that the location appears as Malatya in some advertisements due to a problem with location services on LinkedIn. But of course also other postings published within the same time zones The fact that the location appears to be Istanbul makes us think that the advertisements may indeed have been published for Malatya.


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Some of the positions in the postings are as follows;

  • Corporate customer expert
  • Operation expert
  • Expert
  • Store leader
  • Technical expert
  • Senior manager
  • manager