Apple Prepares Siri Series for Innovation

Apple continues to develop smart assistant Siri.

Apple, in the private beta version of the HomePod operating system, is seeing a number of innovations in Siri. Siri has been around for many years with interesting mistakes. Almost all of these new smart assistant features seem to be done to close the HomePod's constantly criticized shortcomings. Amazon Echo and Google Home are much more successful in smart assistant than the Apple HomePod, and Apple needs to close the gap.

The most noteworthy feature of Siri's new features is that Siri can search directly from HomePod. In order to make calls from HomePod users had to first initiate a call on the iPhone and dial the call.

At the same time, it will be possible to use 'Find My iPhone' on HomePod.

It will be possible to use this feature with the new Siri. Thus, lost devices will be found much easier. In addition, Siri will now be able to find songs that the user's song lyrics belong to, record information on different topics, and help users who spend much time in the kitchen calculate different cooking times and reminders for different dishes.


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While almost all of the features will be available on many different languages, there will also be features available only in English. It is thought that this situation will change with new updates and new languages ​​will be added. This new HomePod and Siri are currently available only to a limited user as a private beta version and there is no public beta news yet. However, new iPhones and iOS 12 are expected to be available in September.