Apple Reaches $ 1.5 Trillion Market Value

Apple, one of the most valuable brands in the world, managed to become the first American brand to achieve a market value of $ 1.5 trillion. Apple shares have been rising quite consistently recently.

Last year Apple Things had not gone as intended. The company’s iPhone sales were far from the targeted point. Then the company that gathers itself, In January 2020 It had achieved the highest market value.

Later Covidien19 The global crisis originated negatively in the company’s supply chain as well as its sales. As a result of the firm’s share prices downtrend He had entered. The control of the outbreak and the start of the normalization process also helped the shares of the Cupertino-based company to recover.

Apple’s value was $ 1.5 trillion:


Very steadily rising recently Apple sharesreached its all-time high after the rise yesterday. Apple shares yesterday 2% increased and the value of the firm $ 1.53 trillion It was. Thus, Apple received the title of the first US-based $ 1.5 trillion company.

The determination of market values ​​is actually based on fairly simple mathematics. When you multiply the stock prices by the number of shares in the market, the value of the company is revealed. for example Apple value of shares $ 352 and about 4.3 billion It has an Apple stock.

In terms of market value Microsoft $ 1.48 trillion; Amazon, $ 1.32 trillion and Alphabet, It has a value of 996.84 billion dollars. The competition between Apple and Microsoft is getting hotter. Microsoft also managed to increase both its earnings and market value during the epidemic, especially through cloud services.

Apple is collecting its own shares:


In recent years, Apple has been number of shares he had gone to a reduction. The technology giant was reclaiming its own shares from the market to pull the supply-demand balance in its favor. Thus, the value of the remaining shares increased.


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Increasing the value of the shares in the market, the value of the shares held by the company upgraded is happening. This is one of Apple’s strategies to increase firm value in general. So far this plan seems to have worked.

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