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Apple Reduces Amazon Dependence in Cloud Services

According to a CNBC report recently released, Apple, who made a monthly payment of $ 30 million to Amazon for cloud services, continues to reduce its dependence on foreign sources by turning to its own data centers. With support from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apple has searched for solutions for increased data volumes and storage costs and decided to reduce its dependence on the Amazon. Increasing the number of data centers across the globe, the California-based technology giant is increasingly reducing cloud storage costs.

According to The Information, Apple paid only $ 370 million to Amazon for AWS support in 2018. Considering the payment of $ 775 million in the 2017 report, we can say that Apple has greatly reduced its dependence on the Amazon in 1 year.


            Apple Pays 30 Million Dollars to Amazon for Cloud Services

Apple plans to invest $ 10 billion in the United States in the next five years, explaining that Apple, the reason for setting up their own data centers, not only costs, but also points to security problems. A few years ago, Google's data center in the sample showing the company's fire, accelerated investments in order to be affected by such problems.


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According to recent reports on cloud services and data center competence, Apple does not seem to be able to interrupt Amazon any more. When we think that Apple and Amazon have made a $ 1.5 billion deal for the next five years, we can conclude that Apple's initiatives will not affect this partnership in the short term.