Apple Refutes Google's iOS Risk Report with Official Disclosure


Google Project Zero researchers recently discussed the security risks in iOS in a detailed report. Apple, the official statement published by trying to refute these claims accused Google of releasing fear over security.

Researchers from Google Project Zero recently focused on the vulnerabilities of the iOS operating system, using statements such as ‘one of the biggest attacks ever against iPhone users’. Apple is expected to make a statement on the subject came from the answer.

Apple said in an official statement that the attack had a special focus, and as claimed, is not a general case for iPhones. .

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Apple, these web site attacks are active only for a certain period of time, as claimed by Google 2 years, not 2 months, he said. They also announced that Google announced it only 10 days after they found out. Normally when Project Zero encounters a vulnerability, it notifies the owner of the software that has the vulnerability and then waits 90 days before disclosing it. Apple also said that they had already begun work to solve the problem, even when they were notified for the first time.


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Apple said security is an endless journey, and customers can trust themselves, he said. iOS security is unique because they take responsibility for end-to-end hardware and software.

Google stands behind the original report. The company said Project Zero is acting with an improved security approach, which provides more advanced security systems. Google said that the reports are based on technical specifications, said they will work with Apple in the future and aim to keep everyone safe.