Apple Releases the First Open Beta of iOS 14.2

Continuing its updates without slowing down, Apple released the first open beta version of iOS 14.2. The released update brings Shazam integration for Control Center, ‘People Detection’ feature to Magnifier and a few other innovations.

Cupertino technology giant Apple, new operating system iOS 14 recently released it for users with iPhone 6s and above smartphones. The company that released the first developer beta of iOS 14.2 after the main version update, which brought many features, is now The first open beta of iOS 14.2 published.

The public beta, arriving just four days after the developer beta, Apple Beta Software Program It can be obtained from the web portal. With iOS 14.2 open beta update before moving to new update iPadOS 14.2 Note that the open beta update is also published.

What has arrived?

iOS 14.2

Although Apple does not share the update’s release notes, there are some innovations discovered so far. These include in the Control Center Shazam A new icon for ‘added to Magnifier to measure interpersonal distances’Person Perception‘option and other design changes made in the Control Center.

At this point, users ‘Settings’ in practice ‘Audit Central’ through options ‘Shazam Music Recognition’ can add the feature to Control Center. After making the necessary adjustments, open Control Center to use the feature (hold from the top right corner of the screen for iPhone X and above and swipe down, for earlier models hold from the bottom of the screen and swipe up), and then Shazam to icon tap.

Note that Apple recommends that users avoid installing beta versions on primary devices to avoid potential data loss and other problems. In other words, it may be much better for you to install beta versions on your secondary or unnecessary devices and back up your important data before installing.


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To download the open beta update, Apple’s beta test to schedule You must be registered. To sign up for the program and access open beta updates here You can use the link.

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