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Anyone interested in inexpensive wireless earplugs with good integration into the Apple ecosystem could so far use the Flex models from Beats. The audio devices available since October 2020 were cheap by Apple at just under 50 euros, are offered in several bright colors and also come with the practical W1 chip for a quick connection to iPhone, iPad or Mac. Features such as audio sharing are also possible.

In the future, however, the price-value argument will no longer apply to the Beats Flex. Apple has made a massive increase in the cost of the plugs, as users have noted. If you previously paid the aforementioned 50 euros for the hardware, a whopping 40 percent more is now due – 70 euros. The new price can currently already be seen in the Apple Online Store, but should also affect retailers in the coming weeks. Dealers such as Amazon are still offering the devices for just under 40 euros – 10 euros cheaper than Apple (see heise price comparison).

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It is currently unclear why Apple is taking this extraordinary measure. The Beats Flex are the successors to the BeatsX, which should round off the price of the wireless plug segment at the Apple subsidiary. Now users could ask themselves whether it would be better to use competing models. Apparently, Apple believes that integrating them into their own ecosystem will continue to make the devices attractive at the new, higher price. A statement on this is still missing.

Like many other hardware manufacturers, Apple is currently struggling with a chip, component and logistics crisis. In the manufacturing region of Asia, prices have risen sharply in some cases, at the same time there is a high demand due to the (hopefully) expiring corona pandemic. It is becoming more and more difficult to find the necessary production materials – apparently even for a large corporation like Apple. At the same time, delivery prices have risen sharply, with shipping containers sometimes costing twice or more than the “normal” price.


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