Apple sued for devaluing its phones

The European consumer rights agency Euroconsumer filed lawsuits in Spain and Belgium for Apple’s devaluation of some older smartphone models. Apple’s users with a specific iPhone model are asked to pay 60 Euros each.

Another case against Apple, which has been facing new lawsuits recently, came from the European consumer rights organization Euroconsumer. EuroconsumerApple’s older iPhone models in Spain and Belgium devalued in a planned manner announced that they started a legal process.

Apple’s unfair and misleading business practices. iPhone 6Stating that it is trying to devalue the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus models, Euroconsumer says that people who own these smartphones in Belgium and Spain 60’ar Euro’luk sued Apple for a compensation payment. However, it was announced that similar legal processes will be initiated in Italy and Portugal very soon.


Apple was fined for phone slowdown

It has been revealed that Apple has intentionally slowed down the phones due to the battery in recent years. One of the lawsuits filed as a result of this concluded recently. According to this result, in addition to the compensation paid earlier, Apple 113 million dollars another was sentenced. In another lawsuit filed as a result of the same incident, the company had to pay 500 million dollars in compensation.


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It is currently unknown how the Euroconsumer lawsuit will turn out, but Apple’s much more compensation payment may be required. Euroconsumer thinks the tech giant is trying to devalue its old smartphones to promote new smartphone models. So do you think the Euroconsumer’s claims in this case are true? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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