Apple takes action against fake accessories on Instagram & Co.


Large quantities of counterfeit Apple products are now being sold on social media. This was the result of an analysis by the security company Ghost Data. According to its own information, the iPhone company itself had a million postings and online listings of fake or fake Apple products removed – or requested deletion – last year alone. This affects all online marketplaces, including Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram, the group told the financial news agency Bloomberg.

According to Information from Ghost Data The trend is to no longer only use well-known marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon for counterfeit Apple products, as these are increasingly controlled.

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More from Mac & i

Instead, imitators and copiers, who seem to have come primarily from China, have made a big splash around the booming social media. Andrea Stroppa of Ghost Data has been working on the subject since a fake iPhone power adapter that he borrowed from a friend exploded. It turned out to have been sold through an unofficial channel on Instagram. Facebook is increasingly relying on online shopping directly via its social networks. You can simply “click” on products that have previously been placed on the poster.

“Social commerce” is seen as a thing of the future in the marketing industry, since users in the private-looking context of social media are apparently more willing to follow recommendations from influencers without having to switch to marketplaces like Amazon. According to Ghost Data, Facebook and Instagram are used, among other things, to offer fake USB power supplies, Lightning cables, iPhone batteries or fake AirPods (for which Mac & i carried out its own test, see box).

These look like the originals, at least on Instagram & Co., but are up to ten times cheaper than the Apple product. In the USA and Europe it is now said to be a million dollar business, as Ghost Data writes in an analysis that is to be published soon. Instagram is therefore “unwilling” to drain the counterfeit market. He is a danger not only for Apple, but also for customers, so Stroppa opposite Bloomberg. In fact, there have been deaths and fires through counterfeit Apple products.


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