Apple to Show COVID-19 Guidelines at Airports

Apple Maps will notify users of the measures taken and travel guide related to COVID-19 at airports in partnership with the Airports Council International.

Recently COVID to Apple Maps vaccine locations feature was added. With the feature added today Airports Council International (ACI), airport travel instructions Appleand started to provide detailed information flow for the passengers coming to the airport.

ACI World General Manager Luis Felipe de Oliveira hHe highlighted the importance of the agreement with Apple for the regaining of the hunt journey, the welfare and health of the industry. Oliveira,These guides, which are important for passenger airline use and information, will help people plan their journeys and contribute to restoring confidence in air travel.” said. One of the biggest problems in international flights PCR test and vaccination certificates. Many passengers go to airports unaware that this is a necessary document.

Get directions to any airport from the Apple Maps app

To understand how the application works, you can start by getting directions from any airport. The directions of the airport you will board at may differ from those of the airport you will arrive at. Apple Maps Thanks to you, you will now be able to have information about both. This protocol, signed with the Airports Council International (ACI), is technology It has also proved that global businesses, with their giants, can jointly step into many businesses.


Real-Time Crowd Detection Coming to Apple Maps with iOS 14.5

Apple’s recent COVID-19 The many changes and updates it has made for the company show that the company has started to work for the benefit of the society in the field of health. To Apple Maps Roughness control and risk analysis are expected in the new update.

What do you think about this issue? Do you like the new updates Apple brings? Please specify in the comments.

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