Apple TV 4K 2021 dismantled: Easy to repair – except for the remote control


Apple has hardly changed the inner workings of the 2021 new edition of the Apple TV 4K. The bottom of the box can still be opened relatively easily, it is neither glued nor fixed with special screws, as the repair service provider iFixit explains after an initial teardown of the hardware. The large fan can be removed with a standard Torx screwdriver, and it is not connected to the motherboard with a cable, but rather via four metal contact pins – the removal is accordingly simple.

In addition to the fan, the TV box only consists of the motherboard and power supply unit, both of which can also be exchanged individually. The logic board still includes the HDMI port, should a defect occur there, the entire circuit board has to be replaced or skillful soldering work is required, as iFixit wrote when the first generation of the Apple TV 4K was dismantled.

On the in-house repair scale, the service provider gives the new Apple TV 4K an eight out of ten possible points – the higher the score, the easier it is to repair. The value is unusually high for Apple products, for example the new iMac only received a 2 on the repair scale from iFixit.

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More from Mac & i

The Siri Remote remains problematic, they say: The new second generation is significantly larger than its predecessor, but it is difficult to change the battery yourself: The remote control can be simply unscrewed, but the buttons must first be used to remove the contents and battery be removed by force, describes iFixit.

Since 2015, Apple has been using a permanently integrated battery in its remote controls, previously button cells that were easy to replace were used. However, the battery of the remote control seems to last for many years without any problems, and there are hardly any battery problem reports for the first Siri Remote. Apple estimates 35 euros for a battery replacement.


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