Apple TV + in the test: Apple customers have to do without any streaming comfort

Anyone who gets involved with Apple TV + and has often used services like Netflix, Prime Video from Amazon or Sky Ticket, will have to get used to it. For the Apple service is missing much, which is common among the competition for years. But that's not the only reason why the launch of the streaming subscription leaves a weak impression.

We tested Apple TV + on an Apple TV, on a Fire TV Stick 4K and an iPhone. On none of the devices we have received the functionality that we expect in a contemporary streaming service for films and series.

Announcing the price and content of Apple TV + in early September 2019 made it clear that Apple's streaming subscription can not compete with Prime Video, Netflix or Sky Ticket for a long time. Because Apple relies exclusively on self-produced content and has no license title in the catalog. Thus, Apple enters with seven series and a documentary against the competition, which has several hundred series and several thousand films in the range. With the official start, however, comes another limitation: Three of a total of seven series have been published only with three episodes.

With more information, Apple is very sparse. In the three series in question, The Morning Show, For All Mankind and See, the Apple TV app lacks any indication of when further consequences are to be expected and how many more episodes will follow. The customer has to find out for himself that there will be new episodes of the three series every Friday. How many episodes the squadrons will have is not known. Only the series Dickinson is currently available as a complete season. But obviously that's not for the customer, he needs to know that the series has ten episodes.

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We briefly took a look at The Morning Show and it was anything but sympathetic that in the first few minutes of the Apple TV + series, especially Apple devices can be seen – long before people appear. Critic of Time Online had in advance the opportunity to look at four of the Apple series. None of them could excite the critics. The subscribers of Apple TV + not only have to be satisfied with a small offer, but also get for it no particularly high-quality content.

Apple TV + is wildly mixed with rental and purchase content

Apple does not offer a view in which the customer only gets to see the contents of Apple TV +. The subscription contents of Apple TV + are constantly being mixed up with other lending and purchase offers – also on the Apple TV channel. Here it would be desirable for the customer to be given an option to actually only see the Apple TV + content.

It is gratifying that the content is offered on Apple TV + in 4K resolution and HDR and Dolby Atmos support.

And then all this is clouded by the fact that many of the usual features of the competition are missing.