Apple TV +: Mythic Quest episode shot on iPhone

Hollywood stands still. It is not rotated, the post-production is stopped, nothing works. Late night shows are broadcast from the living rooms of the hosts, with stars like David Tennant Watch-Alongs popular Doctor Who episodes, where you celebrate the past together with the main character. And celebrities who are bored become very inventive – just think of the very creative and viral spanking video numerous female stars and stunt people.

The stars of the long-ended Parks and Recreation series met virtually for a reunion and musical stars came up with a great group performance – here you can't stop the beat from hairspray. The series Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet, which is produced for Apple's streaming service TV +, in turn has something very special on offer: a half-hour quarantine episode that was shot exclusively with the actors' smartphones. It can be seen from May 22nd.

Behind the scenes in the video game industry

The sitcom Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet (here the review by was created by Rob McElhenney developed, which also plays the main role. He got the idea when he spoke to a few representatives of the video game producer Ubisoft. It should be a sitcom that deals with the people who work for a game company. Basically a series not unlike the shows The office or Silicon Valley, just with the additional nerd factor that game lovers are at work here.

McElhenney plays Ian Grimm, who developed the epic fantasy game Mythic Quest – based on a story by the old hippie and writer C.W. Longbottom played by F. Murray Abraham. The first season is about the company planning an expansion called Raven's Banquet.

Job market

  1. Dortmund Energy and Water Supply GmbH DEW21, Dortmund
  2. OEDIV KG, Bielefeld

In addition to McElhenney and Abraham, the community-known Danny Pudi, who is responsible for monetizing the game, and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" actor David Hornsby, who performs executive producer David Brittlesbee. Also involved: Charlotte Nicdao as chief developer Poppy, Imani Hakim as Dana and Ashley Burch as Rachel, who checks the game for bugs.

Since a series like this would not be complete without a corresponding game, some of the characters, but also the game world, were developed. Ubisoft is responsible for this and also acted as a consultant with regard to the small details and the technical jargon.

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