Apple: US stores are said to be releasing masks soon

Apple apparently wants to loosen the mask requirement in its US stores soon: The company is expected to provide that vaccinated people will be able to enter the sales rooms without a mask again from this week, like the financial news agency Bloomberg reported with reference to informed persons. It is said that employees in the shops will still have to wear masks for the time being. The employees are also not expected to check the vaccination status of customers. It remains unclear for the time being whether this will be checked in any other way, for example at the entrance.

The mask for vaccinated employees will soon also be optional in the first offices at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. writes Bloomberg. In addition, requirements with regard to spatial distance could be relaxed again. Other large US retailers have already relaxed their requirements for wearing masks. In the USA, a good half of those over the age of 18 are now fully vaccinated.

In Germany, a discussion has just broken out about easing the mask requirement indoors, in this country the previous regulation in Apple stores should continue to apply. In the first other regions, Apple has already moved away from the mask requirement, notes the financial news agency.

Apple was one of the first large store operators to close its stores last spring and later reopened them with certain restrictions as soon as possible and permitted on site. The measures also include a fever measurement at the entrance, which in Germany meanwhile called a data protection officer on the plan. The action obviously came to nothing.

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More from Mac & i

Apple recently called its employees back to the company premises after a long period of home office work: From September, most employees will again have to spend at least three specified days a week in the office. Remote work should remain possible for two weeks per year by arrangement. In an internal letter, a small part of the employees said they were annoyed about the attendance requirement; no changes to the regulation have been announced so far.


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