‘Apple Watch’ From 1988 Goes Up For Auction

The ‘smart watch’ called Seiko WristMac, which many people do not know today, was launched about 30 years before the Apple Watch. One of the first examples of this watch will go up for auction this week.

Apple launched its first smart watch, the Apple Watch, in 2015 and has continued to dominate the smartwatch industry ever since. But one thing few people know today: The Apple Watch was not the first wearable associated with Apple. Wearable product for Apple devices, for the first time 3over 0 years ago had appeared.

This product was a wristwatch named ‘WristMac’ developed by Seiko. WristMac, by connecting to the Macintosh computer of that time Contacting your Mac was providing. Of course, this product has not been very successful, as you can start from today because it is not known at all. But today the rarity of the product has made it a valuable device. So much so that an unopened package of the device is on offer this week. up to $50,000 It’s going up for sale at an anticipated auction.

It was bought for $50:

seiko wristmac

The Seiko WristMac you see above will be available on ComicConnect with its original contents in its original box. The device was at discounts on the Connecticut Mac years ago for about $50 Bought and unpacked since then. While it is not known exactly how much the device will be sold, offers are expected to go up to 50 thousand dollars.


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These clocks even went into space:

Although the Seiko WristMac is an unknown device today, it was used in an extremely large task in the past. In 1991, the space shuttle Atlantis carried Macintosh computers with it. These computers to send e-mail from space used. In addition, each of the astronauts on the mission had a WristMac. Written by The New York Times in the article when it’s time for those watches to take a picture of the Earth or the Universe in tasks such as sounding an alarm stated to be used.

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