Apple Watch Series 6 measures oxygen saturation

On Tuesday evening, Apple presented the Series 6 of the Apple Watch – as well as a new, cheaper entry-level model, which is carried under the name “Apple Watch SE”. Nothing changes in the basic design of the watch: Apple’s smartwatch retains its angular shape, there is also a small version with a side length of 40 millimeters and the slightly larger version with 44 mm. The Series 6 will be available in a new blue and red variant.

The biggest innovation of the Series 6 is the ability to measure the oxygen saturation of the blood. The measurement is made by a new sensor that uses red and infrared light. It should last around 15 seconds and can also take place in the background during inactivity – e.g. at night. The value allows an insight into the “general condition”, according to Apple. The manufacturer now also wants to research in several studies which health applications based on it will be possible in the future.

Apple’s S6 chip with dual-core processor is in the Apple Watch Series 6. It is based on the A13 from the iPhone and is up to 20 percent faster than the S5 in the previous year’s model, as Apple manager Jeff Williams explained at an Apple event on Tuesday evening (see also Mac & i Live Ticker). The battery life is unchanged at around 18 hours. The Series 6 should be able to charge faster and use less power for certain workouts.

The new Apple Watch 6 is also available as a blue model for the first time, …

The Series 6 is also equipped with a “permanently active” altimeter and an always-on display that is more than twice as bright in sunlight as Apple lists. In the passive mode of the display, you can now interact with the clock without waking up the screen, Apple writes – you can see messages, for example.

According to Apple, the Series 6 also includes the U1 ultra-broadband chip and support for 5 GHz WLAN networks – a novelty for the Apple Watch. The Series 6 will go on sale from just under 400 US dollars, the mobile version is available from just under 500 US dollars. In Germany, the Series 6 is offered from a good 418 euros, the mobile version from 515 euros. It should go on sale next Friday, September 18th.

The “Apple Watch SE” relies on the S5 chip from last year’s Series 5 model, but apparently dispenses with the always-on display and the EKG app. According to Apple, “the same accelerometer, gyro sensor and always active altimeter” are used as in the Series 6.

The price for the GPS version of the Apple Watch SE starts at just under 280 US dollars, in Germany it is offered by Apple from 291 euros, and it will also go on sale on September 18. The mobile version is available from 340 euros.

[Update 15.9.2020 20:45 Uhr] The new Apple Watch models no longer come with a USB power adapter. The move is intended to help meet the environmental goals, according to the company. A 1 meter long charging cable is included.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is currently still available from Apple, at a minimally reduced price – it now starts at a good 213 euros. WatchOS 7 will also be released on Wednesday, September 16, the update will run on all Apple Watch models from Series 3.


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