“Apple Works on a Foldable Display iPhone”

Jon Prosser, known for his consistent leaks on Apple products, claimed that Apple was working on an iPhone with a foldable screen. This claim, combined with Apple’s patent applications and experts’ remarks, was enough to excite Apple fans.

The smartphone industry is in a big change. With the software and hardware studies of technology manufacturers our personal assistants phones that have become agenda have also been on the agenda with their foldable models for a while. By consumers yet unacceptable it looks like we’ll be seeing this technology in the U.S.-based technology giant Apple in the future.

Apple has presented us with a foldable screen smartphone to date. It came out. However, patent applications that have appeared in recent years have revealed that Apple is also working on an iPhone with a foldable screen. Now, Jon Prosser, who stated that he has sources close to Apple, AppleHe claimed that he was working on an absolutely foldable iPhone screen. Moreover, apparently we will not wait too long to meet this iPhone.

Foldable screen iPhone

Detailed information about the iPhone with foldable screen in the comments made by Jon Prosser, Twitter I did not. However, Prosser stated that he trusts the information he shared in his statements. Prosser, which has managed to keep the agenda busy with the leaks it has made in the past, and most leaks are supported by end products, has succeeded in exciting the fans of Apple with its final explanations.


Apple’s claims that it will use Samsung screen in iPhone 12 series are getting stronger

Foldable screen phones are not much for now intended they are not at the point. Galaxy Fold, the first Samsung phone with foldable screen, could not reach the desired popularity due to the problems. In addition, Huawei’s first phone with foldable screen is also Galaxy Fold the same fate Shared. However, the announcements made earlier this year had become a glimmer of hope for the future of foldable screen phones.


William LaCourse, a professor at Alfred University, said that an iPhone with a foldable screen was announced in the early days of 2020. 12 to 18 months had said that it could be put on the market. Basing these statements on Corning, LaCourse said that the Gorilla Glass manufacturer will sign a significant development in late 2020 and produce next-generation glasses for foldable phones. Now the claims made, iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 indication that it can be folded.

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