Apple's 5G iPhone Models May Expire

Apple, one of the companies heavily affected by coronavirus, has still not announced a clear date for the new iPhones expected to introduce in the coming period. According to information from analysts, the release date of new phones is expected to extend until 2021.

Almost all sectors in the world have been affected by coronavirus. One of the sectors most affected mobile technology It was. People who do not go out of their homes do not give their money to expensive products such as smartphones, which means that to harm why is this happening. Who are aware of this situation Apple too It seems that he will want to introduce their smartphones at another date.

in February Foxconn and Wistron The company has undergone a difficult process due to the temporary stopping of its factories, such as production partners. iPhone 12 5GMay announce a later date. Normally September 2020 Apple, which is expected to introduce new smartphones such as, may delay this announcement date due to the coronavirus epidemic. the history December 2020 or 2021 extension to the beginning of the year seems likely.

There is a defect in production

Apple's Foxconn The fact that production partners such as coronavirus cannot work for a long time is another important factor causing the delay of the new generation iPhone 12s. According to SeekingAlpha, two Weedbush analysts say the iPhone 12 will be announced in October. Between 10% and 15% He said that. Analysts said Apple's supply chain is still trying to normalize, Covidien-19 They also explained that the epidemic caused a huge drop in Apple's stocks.

Apple is expected to introduce 4 phones this year

One of Apple's most trusted analysts Ming-Chi KuoAccording to the announcements made by Apple, this fall 4 new smartphones It will introduce. Of these phones 5.4 inch with a relatively small screen iPhone 126.1 inch iPhone 12 Plus6.1 inch iPhone 12 Pro and 6.7 inches iPhone 12 Pro Max They are expected to check out with their name.


iOS 14 screenshot confirming 3 different claims about iPhone 12

On each of Apple's 2020 model devices 15 billion transistors Located 5nm A14 Bionic While it is expected to appear with the chipset, all four of the phones are 120 Hz with refresh rate AMOLED it is thought to have screens.

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