Apple’s HomeKit services manager leaves the group

Apple has lost a key manager for its HomeKit platform. The engineer Sam Jadallah, who was most recently “Head of Home Services”, an area that includes the smart home platform and associated services, confirmed this on LinkedIn. The executive only joined Apple in February 2019.

At that time, the iPhone manufacturer Jadallah had poached from the start-up scene. After working at Microsoft, where he worked for several years as corporate vice president, the manager was CEO of a smart home start-up since 2013. The company called Otto, which failed before joining Apple, was working on a luxury Bluetooth and WiFi door lock with prices starting at $ 700.

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Now Jadallah’s departure from Apple came surprisingly quickly. He thanked his colleagues and the company for the opportunity “to create new features for people and homes around the world”. It was “a pleasure” to work as an “entrepreneur within Apple” to develop “products with a wide range”.

Why Jadallah left has not yet been revealed. It also remains unclear who will replace him. During his time as manager, the HomeKit Secure Video function for cameras was introduced and improvements were made to automation, Siri (including API) and the integration of HomeKit keys in the wallet.

Still, HomeKit is still a problem for many Apple observers. Despite constant improvements, the software is by no means error-free, the quality of the available hardware is very different, and interoperability with other systems is still not possible within the framework of the upcoming Matter standard. The voice assistant Siri, who has been around for ten years now, by no means always reacts intelligently. Apart from the HomePods, Apple does not yet offer its own HomeKit hardware.


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