Apple’s Siri language assistance system forgets key functions


Loss of functionality in Siri: Apple’s voice assistance system can currently no longer execute central voice commands that can be used to control telephony and e-mail communication, as users report. The change seems to have taken place around the release of iOS 15, but otherwise has no obvious connection with the new version of the operating system. The commands can no longer be used under iOS 14.

The currently missing voice commands include creating and composing new e-mails and commands such as “Write to e-mail to” [Empfängername]”is acknowledged by Siri with” Unfortunately I can’t help you with this “. The voice assistance system then only suggests opening the Apple Mail app, where the user can then manually create an e-mail. New e-mails also appear currently unable to have Siri read aloud.

The identical functionality for iMessage or messages is not affected, it can be controlled by voice as usual.

Important commands around calls have also disappeared, how Macrumors reported. This includes reading out the call list and presenting messages on the answering machine (Voicemail). Here, too, the assistance system simply suggests opening the phone app. Visually impaired users in particular are frustrated by the unexpected loss of functionality, and functions can quickly be lacking in everyday life, such as dictating an email quickly while driving.

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Apple has not yet commented on the loss of functionality. Apple Support says they know the problem as users write in the AppleVis forum – However, it remains unclear whether and when the orders will return. With iOS 15, Apple has improved the technical structure of Siri and shifted more actions around speech processing to the devices, so that this often happens a little faster. Individual offline functions are now also possible.


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