Apple’s ‘Transparency’ Feature Affects Mobile Games

Apple, which implemented Application Tracking Transparency last April, began to receive heavy criticism from many companies, especially Facebook. Another name affected by this step taken by Apple to protect the data of its users was the mobile game industry.

Apple with iOS 14.5 update Application Tracking Transparency implemented its policy. To protect users’ data one of the strongest steps This move of Apple, who threw Instagram, changed the balance of Facebook, which also owns Instagram, in terms of advertising, and Facebook blamed Apple for this issue.

This feature, implemented by Apple, which has become one of the most privacy-conscious phone brands, is gradually being implemented. to hit the mobile game industry too started. Due to users preventing data sharing with a single tap, most mobile games are not available to users. on how they can serve personal ads He started looking for new ways.

The first name affected by the change was Facebook.

ios 14.5

With the iOS 14.5 update in April, Apple’s biggest goal, which introduced Application Tracking Transparency to users, is to inform users about how their personal data is used. make more aware and applications on data usage. to be more transparent was to provide. With this update, iPhone users can control which application can use which data in a very simple way.

If you remember, the name most affected by this feature was Facebook. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook with millions of users around the world are not fair to Apple. accused and explained that because of this feature, advertising revenues have dropped significantly. In fact, the US-based company offers its users to continue using the platform for free. about granting follow-up permissionin pain had been found.

The gaming industry has become unable to generate revenue from advertisements due to Apple’s new policy

in-app purchase

After social media platforms, another name affected by Apple’s new privacy policy was the gaming industry. Until today trying to reach the target from 12 by presenting personal advertisements with the data they receive from users. game developers have become unsure of how to show ads to users who do not allow tracking, and therefore their income from the application, just like Facebook to the decline passed.

Companies that want to benefit from larger volumes of advertisements because they cannot offer personal advertisements, this time, because they flooded it with so many ads received criticism. When that didn’t work either, the goal was to integrate the in-app purchase feature into games, but that’s what most games in the App Store have. pay-to-win brought with it concern.

For now, many games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG are available as in-app purchases. “battle ticket” They are trying to recover the money they lost because of Apple by including features such as. However, although it is only 3 months old, this privacy policy, which deeply affects the entire application industry, will be used for future applications. make more difficulties Waiting.


Report Showing Impact of Apple’s ‘App Tracking Transparency’ Feature

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