Application of a 17-year-old Turkish Developer: Getpad


Getpad, the application of a 17-year-old Turkish entrepreneur named Cihan Alp Aygün, has become an enormous social network application published in 70 countries. Getpad, a new generation authoring application, allows you to write your own blog articles and thoughts.

In addition to many blogs and book publishing sites on the Internet, GetpadIs the work of a 17-year-old Turkish entrepreneur. Mobile developer Cihan Alp Aygun Getpad has already been published in 70 countries.

50,000+ on the platform with thousands of authors blog and 50,000+ idea was shared. Especially young people prefer GetpadEveryone can freely share their thoughts in. While the rate of people reading books and articles is decreasing all over the world, Getpad has broken this perception. In Turkey 15-45 The average reading is 9 minutes and 28 seconds on the platform, which has users between the ages. This time devoted to reading the full 9 times in Turkey. Likewise, the time devoted to reading in Turkey 1 min, Turkey read more in Getpad.

Cihan Alp Aygün received an offer of 350,000 TL to sell the application.


To buy Getpad, which has been growing since last year, an entrepreneur 350.000 TL offered but Cihan Alp Aygun refused to sell the application. In addition, Aygün is currently working on a new in-app income modeling. With the new revenue model that will be published within 1 week, many authors will have new features.

On average day 30.000 Participation continues every day at Getpad, which received a view of the article. We hope that the application, which is currently only available on Android, will soon Applecan also be downloaded.

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