Application Showing Coronavirus Numbers From Microsoft

Mirosoft has developed a new application for those who want to follow the coronavirus pandemic closely. This application, called COVID 19 tracker, shows and coronavirus data worldwide.

It emerged in Wuhan, China and spread to dozens of countries in a short time and eventually turned into a pandemic. coronaviruses The epidemic continues to cost people's lives. The virus, which has infected 3 million 132 thousand 363 people in total, has cost the lives of 218 thousand 456 people. The fact that the situation is so grave, worldwide exceptional caused a process to occur.

Because we are in an extraordinary situation, people want to quickly access up-to-date data on coronavirus. In this context, as Webtekno, we first shared data from Johns Hopkins University and then by the Ministry of Health. Now we have a new resource. US-based tech giant Microsoftcreated an application where you can keep track of numbers related to coronavirus.

With COVID 19 tracker you can access current data instantly


Technology giant's own app store Microsoft Store COVID 19 tracker, which you can access via, is a completely free application and provides easy access to all issues related to the epidemic.

One of the impressive aspects of the application called COVID 19 tracker created by Microsoft is that it creates different graphics and this graphics it can be put together. Also, users COVID 19 tracker They can also make comparisons through. So Microsoft seems to have developed a detailed application to enable consumers to learn about coronavirus free of charge.

If you want to use the application named COVID 19 tracker developed by Microsoft, here through the link found Microsoft Store You can access the page.

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