Application that Converts Words to Images: Wombo Dream

Would you like to meet an application that creates digital artworks in the style you want with just a few words? The artificial intelligence-supported application called Wombo Dream does exactly that.

Although intelligent humanoid robots often come to mind when we hear concepts such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, we now know that they mean much more than just rote knowledge. From the social media applications we use to e-commerce platforms, from games to health services, in all areas of ayat touches of artificial intelligence where.

Moreover, as artificial intelligence and machine learning develop, interesting applications and projects continue to appear. For example, writing newsworthy texts or producing works of art like him after examining and ‘learning’ all the works of an artist; mistake There are even artificial intelligences that compose. Another example of machine learning from this category is an application; Wombo Dream

A few words turn into works of art in a matter of seconds:

After typing the words you want using machine learning, Wombo Dream turns them into digital visual art in just a few seconds. The application, which produces quite abstract and impressive works, while doing this, by doing some sort of ‘research’ It uses images from search results. The resulting images change according to the chosen style and the detail/consistency of the words entered.

How is Wombo Dream used?

  • Download the app to your phone for iOS and Android.
  • Click the ‘Get started’ button to enter the creation screen.
  • In the field that says ‘Type anything’, type any word that comes to your mind. (We recommend that you choose English words at this step, Turkish words may not give proper results)
  • Then choose the style you want your work to appear in from the ‘Choose art style’ section.
  • Click the ‘Create’ button.
  • Wait a few seconds and then download the resulting image by clicking the ‘download’ button at the top right. (If you wish, you can directly set the image as wallpaper at this step.