April 21 COVID-19 Case Numbers Announced


The increase in COVID-19 cases in our country continued today. The number of deaths, which has been over 300 in the last 4 days, has increased even more. Based on the data the decision of the US, Turkey travel warning list of the most risky sub-category of countries.

Covidien-epidemic situation in Turkey 19, the day continues to be increasingly critical. Despite the new measures taken, the increasing number of cases and deaths causes concern both domestic and foreign authorities. Turkey is now taking place on the list of countries not recommended to travel the country.

Announced by the Ministry of Health 21st of April according to the data 61 thousand 967 new cases in 24 hours detected. 362 people died due to virus-related reasons. 300 the number of deaths in recent days that Turkey now, Added to the USA’s list of risky countries.

‘Travel to the’ new member of the category was Turkey

Covidien-19 turkey

In our country, measures against the epidemic have been implemented in different ways from the beginning of the epidemic. The recent closure of places such as cafes and restaurants and the bans, including the new ban hours, were expected to reduce the trend of increase somewhat. However, on the contrary, the number of cases and deaths is increasing. The number of deaths from COVID-19 has been over 300 for the last 4 days, and the number is increasing.

US Department of Statereviewed the travel alert list. Approximately 100 countries’ data are updated Turkey “4. Level: Made in the “Do Not Travel” category. Our country was previously on the list “3. Level: Review Your Travel Plans “ was in the category. Some of the countries listed as high risk Mexico, Canada, England, France and Germany happened.

Turkey, England, removing restrictions that apply

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Announced in Turkey who captured Mr. Halde as a Coronavirus Disease Vaccine

Previously the mutual return is banned in Turkey and the UK Removing restrictions. Situated among the countries subject to the UK’s overall travel arrangements, Turkey is lifting the restrictions on passengers coming from England. any reduction in the expected number of cases in Turkey with days Ramadan ban eyes are turning to new data will be released.