Are Windows 11 System Requirements Really Necessary?

Are the required system requirements for Windows 11, Microsoft’s new operating system, really necessary? We are looking for an answer to this question from the eyes of both users and Microsoft.

It’s been about 2 months since Microsoft introduced Windows 11, and users can download the developer and beta versions of the new operating system. even started to experience. But the reason why Windows 11 has been on the agenda since its introduction is not its features. system requirements it happened.

Although users are excited about Windows 11, old hardware is not supported and RPM 2.0 The fact that its support is mandatory has turned many users away from Windows 11. Some users rebel against this situation, while others try to experience Microsoft’s new operating system. didn’t even get a chance.

Users are not satisfied

Most users who open the Windows 11 software upgrade application published by Microsoft, have their computers with Windows 11 not compatible encountered a warning. While some users gave up after this warning, some users also downloaded the ISO file of Windows 11. by modifying updated their systems. However, some of the updated systems are minor. very serious mistakes appeared.

Most users understand that these system requirements are deliberately prepared in this way and that the main purpose of the company is users. to buy a new computer He argued that it was a push. Of course, people in many parts of the world, including our country, may not be able to buy a new computer just to use Windows 11. But the real question to ask is, Is this really Microsoft’s plan?

What’s Microsoft’s plan?

Microsoft, who wants partially up-to-date hardware for Windows 11, said that the features offered by Windows 11 at full capacity He explained that it was necessary for it to function. TPM 2.0 support is required for security today. minimum standart officials, who said that they are not wrong. Especially with the spread of technology, people keep their important files and documents on their computers and these data target of hackers can become.

Microsoft is trying to prioritize security, just like Apple does. even if they don’t realize brought such imperatives to Windows 11 because it aims to keep them safe. Moreover, this problem with high system requirements is not a first for Microsoft. During the transition from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, many users reported that they had serious problems during and after the initial setup screen. These difficulties are mainly due to was poorly equipped. After these troubles, the authorities have decided that computers that cannot meet the system requirements can be efficiently run Windows 10. can’t run had explained. This time, the company will inform users of their systems in order to warn users in advance and to prevent possible data loss during the upgrade. whether it is compatible presented software.

In fact, both users and Microsoft are viewed from both sides. he is right there are points. While users want to experience Windows 11 on their systems, even if they are old, Microsoft offers some obligations with Windows 11, aiming to protect the security of its users and protect their data.


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