Arrow Releases New Trailer for Final Season


The CW continues to broadcast trailers for TV shows that return this fall, and it seems that Arrow's turn is finally the turn. On Tuesday afternoon, actress Stephen Amell shared on Twitter that the new trailer for Arrow's final season will be available later in the day. Less than an hour later, as promised, the fragment became accessible.

Arrow's 7th season ended with an explosion that sent the story to the future and set the stage for the "Crisis in the Eternal World". It is now time to take a look at what will happen in the last season of the long-running series. Like any series that ended years later, the creative team behind Arrow wants to bring back as familiar faces as possible.

Author Beth Schwartz explained that there are too many characters to consider, and that they certainly think about all of them because they are also fans of these characters. Let's get to the trailer without wasting any more time.

Arrow's final season trailer:

Beth Schwartz continued: "We'll make sure everyone has a great final season. The exciting part of next season, there are only 10 episodes. We're brainstorming and who we think we want back because there are so many characters we love.

Here's Arrow's last season summary:


After the ship sank, billionaire Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) was considered dead for five years before being found alive on a remote island in the North China Sea. He then returns to Star City, where he begins to correct mistakes made by his family and fight injustice.


Arrow's Final Season, Some Characters Will Return to Series

As Green Arrow, Oliver saves his city with the help of his team. After discovering his future, Oliver embarks on his most formidable battle. In Arrow’s last season, Oliver Queen will have to face the truth of what it means to be a hero.