Artificial Intelligence Assisted Coronavirus Diagnosis Service from Huawei

Huawei Cloud has developed an AI-powered coronavirus diagnostic service that quickly analyzes medical images and delivers them to doctors. The company eases the burden on doctors with this service it offers to universities and hospitals.

Huawei’s artificial cloud (AI) enterprise cloud service unit Huawei CloudWith Huazhong University of Science & Technology and Lanwon Technology Covidien-19 developed a quantitative medical image analysis service with AI support.

Huawei Cloud artificial intelligence assisted medical imaging service can analyze CT (computed tomography) data accurately and send it to doctors automatically and quickly. The system, which can correctly diagnose coronavirus, reduces the workload on doctors.

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Service, Huawei Ascend series can diagnose cases in seconds using the powerful processing ability of AI chips. This service is tens of times faster than doctors' quantitative image evaluation, which greatly improves diagnostic efficiency.

Computer vision of Huawei Cloud and medical image analysis technologies combine clinical information and laboratory results to help doctors more accurately differentiate the early, advanced and severe stages of the coronavirus by facilitating doctors' screening and control facilities.

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An Artificial Intelligence is Developed to Facilitate Corona Virus Studies

The platform includes the Huawei Cloud AI Ascend cluster service and modelarts It provides strong support for universities and hospitals with medical image analysis, model training and assessment, and rendering application using the one-stop AI development and management platform.

"AI + CT" medical image analysis service developed for the diagnosis of coronavirus, Huawei Cloud eıhealth Developed based on the medical image analysis platform. According to Huawei, Huawei Cloud is working with various industries to run AI-based scientific research projects on COVID-19.

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