Artificial Intelligence Yoga Mat will be Introduced at CES 2020

With the development of technology, the number of smart devices that enable individuals to learn to engage in sports or personal health activities alone is increasing day by day. A newly introduced smart yoga mat is the newest of these developments and is preparing to offer yoga enthusiasts a useful and safe yoga experience.

The traces of yoga practices, which are practiced worldwide for both physical and mental reasons, can be traced up to 5000 years ago. In fact, according to some researchers, yoga has a history of 10,000 years. This activity, which was born in today's Indian region and has been going on for centuries, does not require any tools except your body, but technology has found a solution that will make this activity more beneficial and easier.

A state of the art yoga equipment The yogif; it makes it easier for the wearer to do yoga, perform the exercises that are most suitable for him, and thus make faster progress. Artificial intelligence Assisted smart yoga mat, Designed to nominate the CES 2020 Innovation Award and is waiting to meet enthusiasts who want to learn yoga easily.

It serves as your personal coach:

yogifi smart yoga mat

YogiFi, with its own unique mobile application, offers tailor-made exercise programs to the user while providing real-time feedback on positions by following the development of the person for flexibility and balance.

Offers programs prepared by professionals:

yogifi smart yoga mat

YogiFi provides these feedback by detecting the pressure the user applies to the surface. Feedbacks are transmitted to the user in tactile and visual ways. The user then realizes that he / she is doing the wrong thing and he / she knows where he / she is doing it wrong thanks to his smart mat. The work programs suggested by Mat certified yoga instructors Created professionally by. This means that the chance of doing something wrong while learning yoga is reduced.


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Apple Watch and Google Home The yoga mat YogiFi is now available for pre-order. If you want to learn yoga on your own without the help of a second person and you don't have to worry about paying for it, YogiFi can help you to explore your body safely and improve your yoga skills.

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