Asimov's Foundation cycle: Apple series becomes Ireland's largest film production


Apple's series implementation of the Foundation trilogy will be shot in Ireland in 2020. It is the largest on-site production in the country to date, according to the Irish film authority Fís Éireann / Screen Ireland (FÉ / SI). The series ensures new investments in the county of Limerick and creates over 500 jobs in production.

Two years ago it became known that Apple also wanted to dare to implement the influential science fiction trilogy by the author Isaac Asimov for the TV + streaming service that has now started. Previous attempts at filming the Foundation novels have failed. Due to the complexity of the story as well as numerous characters and locations, the trilogy was previously considered practically unfilmed. The series is now being implemented by the Skydance Television studio, which has successfully implemented a sci-fi novel for streaming competitor Netflix with Altered Carbon.

Ireland has long been attracting international TV and film productions to the country with tax incentives, such as the Vikings series. The Irish production company for Foundation is Wild Atlantic Pictures, as Screen Ireland explained, other Irish are also involved in the production of the series, including the costume designer Eimer Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh.

Little Hollywood: What Apple TV + films and series are good for

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently received an award for the Group's long-term investments in Ireland. Apple employs a good 6,000 people there and has been represented in Cork since the 1980s. Apple and the Irish government are currently contesting an additional tax payment of over 13 billion euros imposed on the iPhone manufacturer by the EU Commission. In 2016, the competition authorities came to the conclusion that Apple had received "illegal state aid" from Ireland – and in some years had a tax rate of less than one percent. This is rejected by both Apple and Ireland.


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