Astra: Media Broadcast discontinues Freenet TV Sat

After just under two years, Media Broadcast stopped using Freenet TV Sat, which gave viewers access to the Freenet TV service in Germany via the Astra satellite system (19.2 ° East). That reported that Industry magazine Infosat citing the company. The demand is "remained well below our expectations"said the spokesman.

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"Media Broadcast focuses its Freenet TV offering entirely on the successful DVB-T2 antenna television with over a million customers and on Internet reception." The second platform with a similar station offering also cost 5.75 euros a month. Freenet TV satellite customers can still receive the programs until the end of 2020. After that, use is only possible via DVB-T2.

For the offer, in addition to the new Freenet TV receiver Digit S4 from Technisat, the Freenet TV module, which had been on the market for over a year, was available for upgrading HD-capable televisions.

For the reception of private channels in HD quality, 69 euros must be paid annually, that is the content of Freenet TV. The fee-financed public broadcasters continue to offer their programs unencrypted even after the switch to DVB-T2 HD.

Holger Meinzer, Chief Commercial Officer B2B at Media Broadcast, said in June 2018 that the decision to offer Freenet TV also via satellite was made by the "great brand awareness" was easy. "We wanted to reach people who chose a different distribution channel or people in regions where the private ones were not yet available in HD." This is based on the functioning marketing machinery of Freenet. The media reports are now taking much more notice of the possibility of receiving HD content via satellite. "There will still be substantial lifting"he said, looking at customer acquisition.

Media Broadcast was aware that no Full HD would be offered via satellite. "1080p would have required a new signal beam, which would have affected the price",

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