Astronauts deploy the first new solar sail on the ISS


Astronauts from Esa and NASA have installed and put into operation the first of six new solar panels on the International Space Station. The field work of the French Thomas Pesquet (Esa) and the American Shane Kimbrough on Sunday was successful, as NASA announced on Sunday. The space walk, which was broadcast live on the Internet, therefore lasted more than six hours. A total of six new awnings are to be installed in the coming years to ensure the power supply in the outpost of humanity.

Two of them were recently brought to the ISS with a Falcon9 rocket from the private space company SpaceX. Nasa also announced that the new solar panels with an area of ​​almost 110 square meters would be positioned in front of the current solar sails. The latter continued to work, but showed expected age decisions after more than 20 years.


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