ASUS Introduces Its "Legacy" GPU Supporting 4 Monitors

Asus reintroduced Nvidia's GT710 GPU, which was used 6 years ago, with a passive cooling system. Installing 4 HDMI slots to support 4 monitors, Asus has turned the market target to businesses.

ASUS introduced a new graphics card for use in business. GT710-4H-SL-2GD5 The new GPU, which is introduced with the support of “silent multi-monitor”, will not please those who want to play games, but it will be a great alternative for business computers. In areas that do not require GPU with high processing power Up to 4 monitors The new graphics card, which will support it, is inserted into the computer via PCIe 2.0 x1 connection. No fan on it with passive cooling system In addition, the incoming GPU not only keeps it quiet but also minimizes the risk of fan failure and maintenance.

There's Nvidia inside

It was released 6 years ago 2GB GDDR5 with memory Nvidia GeForce GT710 GPU found video card via 4 HDMI ports 4K resolution Supports. The GPU, which technically supports up to 16K displays, seems to be unable to reach 16K in reality. When 2 4K monitors operate simultaneously, the refresh rate Reduces from 60 Hz to 30 Hz Business GPU can support 4 monitors with Full HD screens very comfortably.

Outside the standard use, large format screens, digital signage, static billboards, The card, which is expected to be used in areas such as commercial workstations, is thought to have several premium features compared to GT710.


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Does the game play?

Although the graphics card that does not have any fans on it will play small-sized games up to a point, it will be a bit of a while, especially in games that care about graphics performance. warming problems viable.