Atiye’s Third and Final Season Streamed on Netflix


Netflix released the final season of the Turkish series Atiye, which was on the agenda at the time it was broadcast. The final season, consisting of 8 episodes, focuses on Atiye and Erhan’s pursuit of their daughter, Aden, who has been missing for 8 years. As in the first two seasons, the third season is the kind that will be talked about a lot…

The Turkish series, which was broadcast by Netflix for the first time in 2019 and kept Turkey’s agenda busy for a long time. Atiye, was released on the platform today with its final season. Beren SaatThe production, in which names like Mehmet Günsür, Metin Akdülger and Melisa Şenolsun are featured, is the leading role of the production, and it has been released to its fans with its last season. said goodbye it happened.

Atiye, in Şanlıurfa, where experts have not been able to solve its mystery despite years of research. GobeklitepeIt turned out to be an impressive production that focused on . The first season of the series was talked about a lot because of the mysteries it contains and the fact that it also includes something from Turkish culture. Adapted from the novel written by Şengül Boybaş, the series is also in its last season. will be talked about a lot looks like.

Voted by more than 18 thousand users on IMDb, Atiye received a score of 7.3.


Netflix offers Atiye not only in Turkey but also in other countries.The Gift“. As a matter of fact, the fact that a series about Göbeklitepe, a place that arouses curiosity all over the world, had already been made, attracted the attention of Netflix users in other countries. When we look at the world’s most popular TV series and movie platform, IMDb, Atiye is liked by more than 18 thousand users. voted and as a result of this voting 7.3 points We see you get it.


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The third season of Atiye focuses on the disappearance of Atiye and Erhan’s daughters named “Aden”. 8 years of losswill change completely with a clue that Atiye and Erhan find. However, this clue will lead to huge events involving the salvation of both Eden and the world. Here are Atiye and Erhan’s episodes throughout the 8 episodes of the last season. chasing their daughters and he will tell about his experiences.

If you want to watch the third season of Atiye, here directory by link to the page on Netflix you can reach.