Atlas Global Restarts Discontinued Flights Last Month


AtlasGlobal Airlines announced on November 26 that it had stopped its flights for a while. The company, which has been out of service for about 26 days, started its flights again with the flight from Istanbul to London today.

As you may recall, AtlasGlobal announced that it had stopped all its flights on December 21st, citing significant increases in costs last month. About 26 days out of service The company will launch its flights again with its expedition to London, the capital of England today.

The company's first flight, which took place today after a 26-day break, was completed with the flight number 200 KK2001 bugün. From Istanbul Airport to London It was performed. AtlasGlobal has international flights outside of London and will carry passengers to Amsterdam, Tel-Aviv, Baghdad and Tehran during the day. On the other hand, the company has 12 flights from Istanbul to Antalya on domestic flights.

What happened?


AtlasGlobal Airlines, November 26 and that all flights are therefore undergoing a restructuring process. Until December 21. he said. In this process, the company's employees were taken to leave, and the passengers who had been canceled the flight would be compensated with the necessary return and change requests.

The firm published on November 26. posts made the following statements: "The recent negative impacts and the economic burden it brought along with the major increase in logistics and operational costs with the transition to Istanbul Airport as of April 2019 eliminated the possibility of compensating our 2016/2017 losses in sufficient time for our airline. In order to provide the necessary configuration and improvement in our cash flow, we would like to inform you that we had to suspend all our flights as of November 26, 2019 until December 21, 2019 "


Statement on G AtlasGlobal an which stops its flights from the Ministry of Transport

The resumption of AtlasGlobal flights has pleased many passengers since “Is the company west?” questions confused them. With the resumption of flights, those who have purchased tickets from AtlasGlobal for December 21st normal in some way.

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