Atlassian discontinues the sale of server licenses. The future belongs to the cloud.

The software provider Atlassian will stop selling all server licenses on February 2, 2021. Anyone who has already purchased licenses can still use them until 2024. After that, the support ends. As of February 2, 2021, the prices for the data center and server licenses will also increase.

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Atlassian offers products such as the wiki software Confluence, the project management software Jira and the version management software Bitbucket.

On the one set up for the changes Info page The company informs that it has chosen the path to the cloud for reasons of security, reliability and also for compliance reasons. In addition, one wants to “take away the frustration of the administration”. Centralized administration and easier updates should help. Atlassian plans to continue to offer the data center licenses. Their prices are increasing, but according to Atlassian there are new tools and access to priority support.

Atlassian lists the new prices for the data center and server licenses on its own Website on. For example, a new Jira data center license for 1–500 users costs US $ 42,000 a year. As a reason for the price increase, Atlassian cites the increased effort to secure and maintain the systems. Upgrades and downgrades of an existing tariff are only possible until February 2, 2022. Atlassian will sell new apps for existing licenses until 2023.


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