Atom P5900: Intel's 10nm 5G base station CPU is here


Intel has it Atom P5900 CPU family presented. The processors were developed internally under the code name Snow Ridge and were first announced over a year ago. The Atom P5900 are intended for radio base stations such as those for 5G networks and are to be used by partners such as Ericsson and ZTE from 2021.

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The introduction of the Atom P5900 is thin, because Intel is very reluctant to provide technical data, at least in the press release, and the pre-embargo presentation does not provide any details. The chips follow the Atom C3000 and also use a low-power core architecture. Intel did not comment on the maximum number of cores, but only says that it is Tremont. It has drastic improvements in the frontend (decoder, jump prediction, buffer) and backend (float, integer) and is combined with larger caches, speed shift and DDR4 memory.

According to Intel, an Atom P5900 should achieve 1.8 times the integer throughput of an Atom C3000. Specifically, a 24-core Atom P5962B at 2.2 GHz was used with a 16-core Atom C3955 at 2.1 GHz Spec-2017-Int benchmark compared. The Atom P5962B is apparently the top model at least for the time being, because the Ark database otherwise only lists chips with 8 over 12 up to 16 cores; all support 128 GB RAM.

In addition to the Atom P5900 aka Snow Ridge, Intel also showed an ASIC called Diamond Mesa. The project, which has so far only been simulated as a design, is footprint compatible with certain FPGAs from Intel, i.e. with the models of the Altera subsidiary. With Diamond Mesa, Intel wants to play a part in segments such as cloud storage and embedded systems as well as in the aerospace industry with a view to the military.

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