Attacks on cell towers in the Netherlands


In the past week there have been several cases of arson in mobile towers in the Netherlands. Antenna cables in radio towers in Liessel, Beesd, Rotterdam and Nuenen were damaged. Another incident occurred on Friday evening in Groningen, in which arson is suspected as the cause. The Monet Association told the newspaper de Telegraaf on Easter Saturday.

Together with the Dutch government, Monet coordinates the 5G expansion for the network operators KPN, T-Mobile and VodafoneZiggo. The operator suspects that the arsonists set fire to the technology for fear of harmful radiation. According to Rob Bongelaar, the director of Monet, the words "Fuck 5G" were written on a transmitter box on the radio mast during one of the arson attacks.

According to Bongelaar, the 5G network is urgently needed for hospitals and nursing homes, for example. He estimates the damage at tens of thousands of euros. It is much worse that cell towers temporarily failed due to the attacks and that there was no cell phone coverage within a radius of five kilometers. This would have particularly serious consequences if, for example, emergency call 112 is temporarily unavailable.

The Dutch Counter Terrorism Unit (NCTV) has opened the investigation and speaks on the incidents of a worrying development. The NCTV had already determined last year that the protest against cell towers is increasing due to the introduction of 5G. Most of the resistance was shown in demonstrations, but not lastly in the form of sabotage or arson.

In the UK, there were also several arson attacks against cell towers in April, according to MSN over 30 incidents. Technicians are also said to have been troubled during their work. The attacks in the United Kingdom were probably inspired by online conspiracy theories that 5G technology promoted the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus.


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