Audi to Benefit from Electric Motor in Speed ​​Monster R8


Audi's supercar R8 will take its high power from the V10 to a new level with its electric motor. According to the statement made by Audi Sport General Manager Oliver Hoffman, the company may encounter a hybrid vehicle in the 3rd generation R8.

One of the most admired car manufacturers in the world AudiNow he's getting ready to electrify his super cars. Audi Sport General Manager Oliver hoffman"In an interview with Top Gear 3rd generation R8 Some details about it were mentioned.

Stating that they are at the decision stage as a company for the 3rd generation Audi R8, Hoffmann said that there is not yet a clear decision about the technology of the new R8 and on which platform it will be released, but they have to fulfill all the arrangements in the new vehicle. This is also in the vehicle the electrification means it will be a hybrid model with a system.

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According to the information revealed, the Audi R8, a hybrid motora will come across. Audi also resolves horsepower with the new super hybrid vehicle it will release. One of the most powerful engines in the world R8 expected to continue to protect V10will be added on with electric motor will increase horsepower from good to good.

The Problem of Electric Vehicles: Sound

One of the things we want to hear most when you buy a supercar is the beautiful sound from the car's engine. Hoffmann said, “We are working hard to design a special sound. The way to do this is to have the noise of combustion in an internal combustion engine. So we synthesized the voice. But this is not the right answer. In my opinion there will be special sounds for electric cars in the future. These voices will create differences in brands" said.


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What is Hybrid Car?

Today, we see vehicles that come out with different engine systems. Almost all of the vehicles we saw used to have internal combustion engines. Internal combustion engines; They can obtain power by using fuels such as gasoline and diesel oil. Electric vehicles are; They use the electrical power previously stored in the batteries through electric motors. Hybrid vehicles are the combination of these two. When a vehicle has an electric motor other than the internal combustion engine, we call it a hybrid vehicle. These vehicles can use the electric engine when necessary, the internal combustion engine when necessary, or both engines at the same time.

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