Audi to Cease Internal Combustion Engines by 2040


Audi is among the companies that see the future of the automobile industry in electric cars. The company’s goal is to switch to all-electric models within 20 years.

Fossil resources are running out day by day. automotive industry In response to this situation, it invests more and more every day in electric models. One of these companies is a German company. Audi had happened.

Audi CEO’s Markus DuesmannIn a recent statement, the company will be fully committed in the next 20 years. electric He said he would become a model maker. This shows that there is no future for internal combustion engines.

Gasoline models are disabled

audi etron

Under normal circumstances, a firm 20 years Switching to electric models in the process is not a big challenge. According to Deusmann, the company will completely disable. Models using these engines will either become electrified or will disappear completely.

Until the end of 2021, Audi, 6 fully electric and 12 hybrid models will be released. Thus, the number of fully or partially electric models that the company will offer by the end of the year will be 18. For Audi, this is just the beginning. The purpose of the firm 2025 until 20 pieces to offer the fully electric model for sale and to become a brand that produces fully electric cars as soon as possible


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Audi in the process until 2025 internal combustion engines will continue to develop them in the most efficient way. Hybrid vehicles will meet the needs of users who need a long range. In general, users to electric models will be directed.

There are 4 electric Audi’s on the market



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Currently on the market Audi’s 4 different electric carsi have Both of these cars are already variants of a model. These are listed as Audi e-tron, e-tron Sportback, e-tron S and e-tron Sportback S. Not all vehicles are available in every country.

Audiseems very determined to switch to electric cars. As a result, Audi chose to target Year 2040 not far from reality. It is not difficult to see that other companies will follow this trend.