Augsburg theater wants to mix opera performance with virtual reality for the first time


The Augsburg State Theater wants to mix a real production with virtual reality (VR) for the first time in an opera production. For this reason, around 500 VR glasses are to be distributed to the audience from 16 May when the opera "Orfeo ed Euridice" ("Orpheus and Eurydike", first performed in 1762) by Christoph Willibald Gluck. In several scenes, the audience should then experience the underworld appearing in the piece via computer animation.

According to the State Theater, a VR production in this dimension is new in Germany. "There has never been anything on this scale," said artistic director André Bücker on Monday. The audience will experience three sequences of the opera production, totaling about half an hour, using VR glasses.

VR glasses are particularly widespread in the field of computer games. For some time now, theaters in Germany have been experimenting with VR technology. The Bavarian State Opera, for example, invites interested parties a short tour of the theater using VR glasses on.

In the Augsburg production The viewers then move virtually in a scene through a gorge of high-rise buildings into the underworld and are ultimately there between computer-animated characters. The 3D scenes are realized by the Heimspiel agency specializing in this technology, with which the State Theater has previously worked. The performance is a co-production with the Ingolstadt City Theater.

Bücker can imagine that this technology could become the fifth branch of the theater in the future, in addition to the four classic branches of spoken theater, musical theater, dance theater and figure theater. This could result in a digital theater division. "There is a dimension that can still be developed." The advantage is that it is not spatially restricted like the normal stage. "You can do anything," said Bücker, but also emphasized: "No, we don't want to replace analog theater."


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