Automotive Cloud: VW has problems with the software installation for the ID.3


Car without software: VW has problems with the software of its electric car ID.3. The vehicles are currently being built without the software being able to be installed directly. The problem is expected to continue into spring 2020.

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The ID.3 is the first electric car that Volkswagen (VW) produces in large numbers. Series production started at the beginning of November. VW is currently in production. The car should only be delivered from the middle of next year.

An advantage for the car company. He has with me "with massive software problems" to fight, reports the business magazine Manager Magazin, Accordingly, the electric cars are currently running with an incomplete software architecture from Band.

Since they are not ready for delivery, VW temporarily stores them: The group has rented parking spaces where the new cars will be parked, Manager Magazin learned from corporate circles. Around 20,000 vehicles will be affected.

The full software installation should then be carried out by service staff by hand using mobile computers. This is planned in two waves. The first should start in spring, the second in mid-May. Only then should the software "over the air" can be transferred to the cars as usual.

VW converted its plant in Zwickau in Saxony to convert it to electric cars. The aim is to continue the success story of the Beetle and Golf with the ID.3. The group is investing around 1.2 billion euros in the transformation.

The ID.3 is not just the first VW car to be built on the Modular electrification kit (MEB) based. It will also be the first one with access to the automotive cloud that VW is developing together with Microsoft. VW is planning its own software subsidiary, (CSO), which should start in early 2020. It is intended to further develop the software, but also to market it. The subsidiary is expected to have more than 10,000 employees by 2025.

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