Autonomous Driving: Tesla is said to have bought start-up Deepscale

Tesla has loud one Report from CNBC the startup Deepscale taken over. It is developing a technology that will enable automakers to use low-power on-board computers while still seeing the camera-captured environment in detail. Unlike the competition to capture the environment, Tesla uses comparatively simple sensors and relies primarily on camera shots.

Job market

  1. BWI GmbH, nationwide
  2. GK Software SE, Cologne, Sankt Ingbert, Schoeneck

Deepscale boss Forrest Iandola is according to LinkedIn already employed as a senior engineer at Tesla. Iandola holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California Berkeley. There he worked on the development of neural networks that work on mobile devices with relatively little storage space.

Officially, Tesla has not confirmed the acquisition yet. Presumably, it is more of a small acquisition, which has the primary goal of recruiting staff to close existing gaps. According to CNBC left in the summer of 2019 eleven engineers from the team Autopilot Tesla. Team boss Stuart Bowers already went in May 2019.