Autonomous Tesla accidents call US agency on the plan

Reports of accidents and dangerous situations with autonomously parking Tesla have attracted the attention of the National Highway Transport Safety Administration (NHTSA). The US authorities have opened an investigation and requested information from Tesla, US media reports. In the spotlight is Tesla's new function "Smart Summon".

With Smart Summon Tesla drivers are to be picked up from their cars. According to the manufacturer, this is only permitted with direct line of sight in parking lots off public roads up to a maximum distance of 60 meters. The Tesla owner must always take care and use an app with deadman function: If he takes his finger off the phone screen, his e-car stops.

One of several accident videos

The new feature was activated in the past week via software update for vehicles with a corresponding additional package. Unfortunately, it did not take long until the first accidents. Some Teslas were driven into solid objects, others were rammed by other vehicles. Personal injury has not been reported so far. The driving speed is very moderate at Smart Summon, the damage can still be considerable.


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