Autonomous zone: Twitter warns of Trump’s further threat of violence


The short message service Twitter has given another tweet from US President Donald Trump a warning. So that will the contribution Although not deleted, it is not possible to reply to it directly or to like it. The reason for the warning is Trump’s threat of violence, which according to Twitter against the rules of use offends.

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In his tweet, Trump wrote that there was never one in the capital, Washington “autonomous zone” will give as long as he is president. “If you try, you will face severe violence”Trump threatened. On Monday, demonstrators near the White House had set up a few barricades and tents and tried one “autonomous zone” set up where the police would not have access. In the city of Seattle on the west coast, demonstrators had succeeded in this, which Trump repeatedly condemned.

However, such threats of violence as in the present case violate the Twitter terms of use and are usually deleted. Indeed there are exceptions for tweetsthat in “public interest” lie.

Exceptions apply to, among others “Holders of an elected or appointed leadership position in a governmental or legislative body”. Then the content of the tweet is initially hidden, but is visible after another click. Commented retweets are possible, but are not shown under the tweet.

The short message service has intervened several times in Trump’s tweets in the past few weeks. Four weeks ago, a contribution was made as “misleading” marked. A little later there was a warning about the threat of violence for the first time. In early June 2020, a published video was blocked for copyright infringement. Last week, a video shared by Trump was tagged with a fake news note.

The US President was angry at the interventions at the end of May. He accused the online networks of censorship and wants to regulate the platforms with a new ruling.

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